Fox News, a clear and present danger!

October 24, 2010

Fox News has just controlled another drama.  Juan Williams being fire from NPR.  Fox was paying Williams to say what he said. We have already heard this same statement from Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck about being uncomfortable be on a plane when there is a man dress in Arab garb. It has been the mantra of Fox News for a while.  Fox was already negotiating with Mr. Williams to go to Fox News.  The truth is Fox New would love to see National Public Radio and TV fall.  Afterall, it’s been a thorn in the side of Republicans for a long time. That damn truth it bugs the hell out of them. If anyone has any illusion about Fox News then they better wake the hell up.  Fox News has been doing their call to arms  for a while.  They won’t stop until the President of the United is lying the Rotunda.  Fox News is the enemy of the state.   It is the same tactics the anti-aborsionist have been using for years.  It worked on President Kennedy.  You don’t have to pay someone to do the deed you just insight people day after day until the brain is about to explode with lies and half-truths and misleading stories.  Then a star is born.  The bravest and the finest of America’s weirdos and crackpots start coming out of the woodwork.  A perfect storm planned by a foreign press corp.  A man like Rupert Murdoch knows how to manipulate the masses.  He hasn’t become a billionaire by not knowing how to yank our chains.  How many Blackwater organization with swastikas on their sleeves watch Glenn Beck  and all the fascist  personalities acting out their acts of fake cries of Tyranny .  Fox News has been the leader in all the anti-government movements about our President and our country.  From George Bush unable to do anything wrong to Barrack Obama can’t do anything right.   Fox has actually be the instigator in promoting the brither, the dead panels and anything to destroy our country.  Fox News is a clear and present danger to all of us.  Fox News hates NPR because it has principles that Fox News has no respect for.  Like the principles of America that Rupert Murdock also has no respect  for.  Juan William is Uncle Tom to Fox News.  He is Fox News’ black boy.   All them white ain’t going like Fox News hiring a black dude.  What the hell. He can be fired as easily as he got hired.  Fox has  worked with the rich from all over the world to destroy America.  A muslim is part ower of  News Corp.  Fox News is planning another 911 for America.  I hope we as Americans can stop him.  His plans for America are fool-proof.  Tried and tested to guarantee success.  Let Murdoch send out his surrogates just like a good musllim might do. Why else would he be so un-American.


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