Waiting to Exhale–Barrack Obama, George Bush and the Congress of the United States

October 22, 2010

Politicans dreams for AmericaI have the feeling am holding in some of the air that I breath.  Like waiting for something to happen that will cause me to empty my chest of all the impurities that we have all had to endure.  With George Bush and crisis mode. Day after day his bumbling.  If he had enough sense to double talk he would have.  Things that us peasants don’t understand. The emptying of Guantanamo a promise denied by the President. It was his promise and taking blame has little to do with anything. My lungs are still full.  DADT a promise yet unfulfilled.  Promises that weren’t made under duress.  A congress that knows that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Knowing that the Republicans  processed to say ‘ no’ to everything except money for the Banks and Wall Street.  They attempted a total free fall to make our government fail.  Their incompetence is the only thing that saved us.  The Republicans  saying they were against healthcare while secretly working with the democrats  to write a bill that would help insurance companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.  Everyday we were assaulted by the Tea Party bunch like they were Blackwater paid assassins.  Telling how they love and care more for America than anyone of us could ever think about.  They carried on their assaults to town meetings and verbally assaulted all who attended.  Yes, the Tea Party members are the bravest Americans that money can buy ask Ross Perot.   My body still breathing from the upper part of my lungs.  As I sat thinking when is someone going to arrest Glen Beck for treason and threaten the President.  If it wasn’t for the left, Mr. Beck would be gone already.  He really is the darling of the left. They love him because they have nothing to give.  When are we going to throw Rupert Murdoch out of the country and send him back to hell where he belongs.  When are we going to give the 80’s rock classic Rush Limbaugh his walking papers.  We have all heard his top ten tunes over and over.  When as Americans will we no longer treat our government and our future like it is something of game.  The red against the blue.  When will we grow up and be adults. When will be more concerned about the future of our children instead of the future of some lying politician.  I fear that we in a hopeless circle of failure that will lead to a new world order that benefits the rich and powerful. It always does.  Just down the road are  towns of cardboard and garbage as far as the eye can see. It won’t just be people of color. Whites will be dually represented. If any white person believes any different he must realize that Europe for centuries  had its white slaves that worked for nothing and lived at the mercy of the rich.  They were called peasants.  It won’t be just them coloreds.   I fear my waiting to exhale may take a long time maybe until the day I take my last breath.  I am amazed at the masses that so willingly give away all that they have achieved. I have a feeling we are  all waiting to  exhale.  Maybe it won’t be so bad our home will be made in China.


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