How nuts is Christine O’Donnell

October 19, 2010

I’m thinking how nuts is Christine O’Donnell.  Is she more nuts than George Bush whose psychotic journey took us in the Iraqi War.  More nuts than Dick Cheney who would make the character in “Dr. Strangelove” look like Robin Hood.  More nuts than Glen Beck who everyday edges alittle closer to ‘final solution” for all of us.  Is she nuttier than Ross Perot who exploded into the world of green men on his front lawn before it was all over.  His star dropped like a shoot star.  Who in their right mind would get into politics.  Is Christine  O’Donnell nuttier than a fruitcake or just a girl who wants to have fun.  Women in politics is no where for a princess.  She looks so high school.  But in the world of politics how nuts is she.  Nutter than a Senator writing love E-mails to a young man in high school (Mark Foley).  How about Lindsey Graham who still believes the world doesn’t know he’s gay.  His dog knows he’s  gay.  How about David Vitter who believes  diapers are not just for kids anymore.  Rove who believes that he is some ‘Guru’ of modern politics.  He proved that any idiot can become president even one with his brain.  Is Mark Stanford crazy or just in love with being in love.  Man in love, who would have probably killed his whole family for the love of a good women.  How about all those Senators and reps. who live together like fags on C Street.  Thinking that God had selected them to rule the world because they were so special. (Where is drugs when you need them). That’s where the mean Jesus lives in the hearts of men like Senator Tom Colburn.  How about Rush Limbaugh who wants our government to fail.  Ms.  O’Donnell doesn’t look so bad now.  How about a candidate calling children stray dogs.  Our  psyche has been damaged. We have changed.  In politics where there is no one to stand up.  There are not brave men.  There are no one but the deserters who are heard.  Those who have deserted common decency for a new brand of religion.  911 has changed us.  The gravity of truth and respect no longer holds our feet to the ground. Anything goes.  Christine O”Donnell is a celebrity.  She isn’t nuts.  She just speaks like she is.  Like Halloween the  coming elections will bring out the freaks and the weirdos. That doesn’t mean we have to give them candy or our vote. Christine is just a Britany Spears, “Just hit me baby one more time”. tic tic tic tok.


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