Ben Stein, the Gefilte fish of the Nixon administration! What it is, dude. What it is!

October 14, 2010

Ben Stein has made a movie. Starring Darwin and all the religions of the world.  It’s appears that Mr. Stein is outraged.  One doesn’t know if he is or not.  He and his Botox facial animation.  He is a Jew,  he’s here, get use to it.  Mr. Stein seems to be agog that Darwinism is taking the town by storm.  That anyone who doesn’t kiss Darwin’s  ism ass when he doomed in the world of? I don’t know what.  It’s like that high fructose corn syrup commercial.  There the two people who stare at each other. Waiting to the shoe to fall. Nothing happens. (What drama)  You see I don’t discuss Darwin and Bible creationist.  Maybe cause I don’t give a flying f#@k.   Unless you are on drugs and lying on the lawn watching grass grow then Darwin’s explanation doesn’t mean a whole lot.  Mr Stein is a prime example of making things happen.  Jews know how to do that.  I probably won’t see his film.  Would love to know who put up the money.  I know damn well that he is a hell of a lot smarter than I  (or is that me).  I’m not a total fool.  My problem with religion isn’t Bible creationism.  It’s when religion reigns, that’s the only theory or you die.  I’m remembering  all the people murdered who didn’t believe in the “religion of the day”.  Religion is always been the engine of the conservatives and fascist.  “Believers” seem to believe in a lot of stuff.  It’s the community organizer in itself.  It’s the original mob rule. It’s part of the  anti intellectual movement.  It started with everybody’s favorite idiot politician George Bush. Mr. Stein is part of the anti-global warming bunch.  “If your officials don’t believe in God how can we expect them to make the right decisions?” It’s really not an assault on Darwin but on science.  That’s not all science but  science that hurts the pocketbook of corporations.  It’s Ben Stein’s Ponzi scheme.  He uses politics and religion and steals from each until he has a pyramid of facts that makes Darwin look like a minor playing in the world of theories.  The Ponzi scheme is just to build on “Ben Stein’s Money”.  He was a Nixon speech writer.  I think I heard Mr. Nixon when Ben speaks.  “Ferris Bueller. Ferris Bueller!”  A legend lives on.  Oh, by the by, Middle East and religion how’s that working for them?  Oh, Oh,Oh, the World Trade Center, is that religion at it’s finest, or what?  How many of those folks  in the Trade Center were thinking about Darwin when their lives where ebbing away? How many will think of Darwin when our planet starts to dry up like a prune.

Darwin and high fructose corn syrup: same same


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