Christine O’donnell is not a Witch!

October 9, 2010

Killing, just another religious pastime

Cheez whiz.  I haven’t made a post in some time so I thought I’d better do sompin.  Of course, little Christine isn’t a witch.  There are no witches on planet Earth.  Maybe Mars or one of the moons of Saturn but not on Earth.  Even to acknowledge the fact she is or isn’t a witch does not make her eligible for the dunking chair the modern version “water boarding”.  The conservatives towns people like those of today love that water thing, don’t they.  Wtiches. When I think of witches I think of Kim Novak in ‘Bell, book and candle’  or Glenda of the  ‘Wizard of Oz’.  If she said she wasn’t a brain surgeon when I could understand. That is something that she could have been.  I mean if she was smart enough. She might was well said that she wasn’t Daffy Duck.  Ms. O’Donnell said that God is on her side. That’s a point maker. It’s smart to stand next the ultimate powerful being in her Universe.  But is her God just another of her magical mystically being to help her along the yellow brick road of  politics.  I know that Ms. O’Donnell isn’t a terrorist or a member of the Army of Islam but that’s their claim too.  I know that Ms. O’donnell isn’t a high school football player either but they all claim every Friday night that God is on their side.  There are a lot of Republicans  that believe in a mean God that hates the poor and blacks and loves the rich and powerful.  Someone ask her about her “brotherly love”.  As a Republican will she be able to set aside her “God” for the love of money.  A short look into her finances have already proven that love of God is a sometimes thing. The love of money is maybe stronger than the love of  “God”.


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