John Boehner just another raisin in the sun! A person of colour.

September 29, 2010


John Boehner “I never met a lobbyist I didn’t like” said in an interview that he doesn’t do anything to make the color of his skin dark.  As a child he delivered newspapers in the moonlight without protection.  As his love of golf grow he begin to caddy for complete strangers so he could be close to his life’s calling. That’s right after politics.  His skin, my a miracle of God, turned a permanent dark color.  You see John is a man of color now.  He doesn’t like to bring attention to that or all the money and free trips he took under the table.  I guess John Boehner and the Republicans are right. You just can’t trust a man of color. They are rotten to the core. They think they are better than others. They have affairs with women (soon to come).  Yes, people of color they drink too much and always look like they have a hangover.  John Boehner and Tiger Woods are made from the same mold.  Hot shot golfers who like to bang women they aren’t married to. Always chasing white women.   John Boehner is just another bad boy of the Republican Party.  When is he going to call Obama, brother.  When is he going to tell all those white guys in Ohio that he is well,  a person who isn’t white.  It’s a shame that John Boehner is not like us.  He’s just passing.  We now know what and who you are Mr. Boehner.  It’s Mr Boehner comes to dinner.  Maybe impersonation of life.  He could be Pinky or maybe brownie. If Mr. Boehner would stay at home with his wife and stopped messing around he might just turn the color of John McCain. Now that’s a white guy.  The  life of the party John Boehner might just whiten up a little.   A little less golf could do wonders for his completion.  He might shut his black mouth for once and listen.  He is Michael Jackson in reverse.  Come on John moonwalk for us.  Show us how bad you are!


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