47% believe the Republicans can do a better job on the economy 41% the Democrats!

September 28, 2010


Yes, George We really miss you When I saw this on CNN at the gym I almost fell off my elliptical machine.  The words of John McCain screaming over my MP3 player. “The economy is basically sound” just two short years ago. Those words lost him the election. You can’t be an idiot apparent and be president.  Four and a half  trillion dollars later  the economy is OK  but basically sound again I don’t know. Either America hasn’t evolved as Darwin thought they might or the Religious Right is correct there is not such thing as evolution.  It’s just “eine kleine Witze”. (have Glenn, 3rd Reich, Beck translate that for you).  We Americans have a short memory about things.  I imagine the Fox News will be telling us that 911 never really happened.  It was one of those Hollywood production. The World Trade Center, what World Trade Center.  If polled truth will be that 47% of those polled will believe there was no 911 or World Trade Center.  I believe this because the worse melt down in American History happened on the watch of the Republicans.  The Rich got considerable richer while the Republicans talked war and more wars. So to see a poll with these numbers  is astonishing to say the least.  My astonishing meter as been busier than my gaydar at Mass.  4 and 1/2 trillion dollars and the Republicans are better with the economy.  Please,  the nation has overdosed on High fuctose corn syrup.   You keep dreaming America and maybe someday the world will be a bowl of cherries.  Happy days are here again.  If the common people don’t have any sense of what is right or wrong  or what is up or what is down then we are all pretty screwed and tatooed.  The world has not gravity and dust in gravity doesn’t float.  If we can’t see the crap float around us then we are so lost.  My poll say we are 47% in deep deep shit.


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