The Promise Boys–The Republican Party! Re-do 1994! Ace of Base!

September 23, 2010

WOW! The Republicans have the balls to say they will cut spending and cut taxes.  You mean after the spending spread that took this nation down like a deer in front of an eighteen wheeler.  No much left but bone and blood.  What the Republicans are trying to do is really a re-do from the Clinton days. That’s how frigging bankrupt they really are. These are the “to sir with love” boys but they are from old school to Depends (adult diapers).  It’s that old John McCain’s ” the economy is basically sound”.  When President Clinton left office the national debt was non-existence. We were on the road to Utopia until  the Republicans were let loose like a pack of  rabid dogs.  So when the men of character start talking their bullshit grab your wallet.  The first thing they will do is cut taxes and the nation debt will soar like an eagle. Then they will cut spending. Can you imagine what effect that will happen on an already depressed economy.  The Party that destroy this country and we are considering putting them back in power. They only victories the Republicans have had has been anything anti- gay, the politically weakest segment of American Politics.  How great is that. The Republicans always love stepping on someone as the goose step to victory.  If you are rich,  you will love the new pledge of the Republicans who think it’s still 1994. If’s that’s not good enough I see Ronny exhumed and dusted off.  The new promise from the Republicans might be more believable if Sarah Palin delivered it.  Afterall she is the new voice of the Republicans. The Tea Party is the new rightful leaders of the Republican Party so why are these old white headed assholes promising us anything.  There is John Boehner with at hangover look.  All the usually suspects.  Promising things they couldn’t deliver when they were in power for eight years. Abortion ban, Virginia don’t make me laugh. This is just like all those other fake bullshit promises they have been promising us.  The only promise we will see is the rich getting richer.   By the way the number one hit for 1994 was the Sign by Ace the Base.  The song like the Republican promises of 1994 have long been forgotten.


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