Faith in the American People!

September 20, 2010

Now we understand, Republicans

Everyday we see crazy from those crazies from the Right. The Tea Baggers seem to have us all in a throat hold. Everyday something just a little nutso than the day before.  Now it’s witchcraft, now don’t get me wrong witchcraft sounds like part of America’s past.  The Salem witchcraft trials is part of what makes us American and just a little crazier than we need to be. We are listening to a potential Senator who dabbled in a little witchcraft.  Chrisitine O’Donnell why doesn’t she just strip off naked and go screaming “Jesus Saves” through the throngs of people.  It appears that 2010 will be the year of the crazy bitches.  From Ms. O’Donnell to any women who opens her mouth.  The Tea Baggers and the land of the body snatchers.  I love to see these women being sitting ducks so the “real” politicians can set and smoke their cigars and laugh their frigging heads off. I’m sure that the high rollers of “advice and content” love to see these women get their feet wet in the world of fake politics.  The world of code words that go dangerously close to treason or maybe violence against the government of the United States.  The world of Republicans lipstick on pigs politics.  As the women dance seductively around none seem to have that motherly concern more like those pay women of the night.  A woman who doesn’t care about children is a fraud.  All I know is America has always done the right thing.  The heroes of our past don’t seem to match any of the bullshit we are hearing.  America with its “911 blues” will do the right thing.  All the lies and misinformation will not change who we really are.  So you guys who are thinking your working your magic on America. Have your fun. The truth will always win over people who want bad things for America.  We know who they are and what they really want.


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