“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!”

September 14, 2010

One thing that the Republicans love to do is scare us.  Not so much like Fred Kruger.  More like our airplane has lost a wing and we are out of fuel! I love fear. It is really magic.  It keeps people from going on airplanes but it doesn’t seem to stop fat people.  After reading the statement over and over I decided it doesn’t make sense.  The Germans and Japanese were planning a world take over and we have nothing to fear but fear.  Fear like monsters under our bed?  Before the war was over we did have plenty to fear.  We were a lot younger as a nation only 70 some odd years ago.  We have been in more wars.  All our wars have been driven by fear.  Any decision we make out of fear is usually a mistake.  Elections are usually won because we fear the person we voted against.  Republicans love fear. It’s been some of their finest work.  From Willy Horton to the great Iraqi misfire. A war that George Bush thought was a quick win.  Like Granada or Panama.  It was a chance for George Bush to  grand stand but it all went so very wrong.  I like liars, I was born in Texas and I can lie with the best of them.  I love being played by politicians that humbles me.  That I somehow am not worthy of the truth. I need to be lied to like I am a child.  Maybe I just can’t handle the truth. That I am to emotional to understand the truth of things.  As in being treated like a child I am a child.  Like fairy tales of witches that eat kids and  giants with one eye, I am fed a load of crap that even a child would find laughable.  Fear is not what we have to fear, people who have no answers to the problems that’s what we need to fear. They just tell us fairy tales and made up magical endings to a magical lies.  They use fear to silence us and what we believe in.  Remember what we believe in?  It has never been lies.  We Americans have never believe in lies.  Truth, loyalty and the American way?  Was  that one of  those fairy tales?  If you loved being lied to, that’s great cause that’s what you’ve got. The system has become corrupted by greed.  We have more to fear from greed than any Muslim.  We just don’t have enough sense to realize it. Come on Republican lets play some more mind games. We have nothing to fear but our own stupidity.  You have nothing to fear but the truth.


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