Jan Brewer, skelator, Manufacturing fear!

September 2, 2010

It appears that in America all the manufacturing jobs are gone.  However it seems that Jan Brewer and the radical right in Arizona are doing well in the manufacturing of fear. A product that Republicans need to win any election.  That appeals to the Bible thumped christians who are a heartbeat away from a nervous breakdown any.  They have done such a beautiful job that no one wants to go to Arizona.  Arizona’s crime rate is the lowest in the nation.  Fear factor politics is a major strategy of the Grand ole Party.  We are animals and we react to the big bad wolf every time. Jan Brewer is obviously reading from a script or she wouldn’t hesitate. All we need is some lying bitches (male and female).  It’s all about the lies.  No Republic can survive on lies. Aftre a while it just falls apart. Crumbles like a house of cards.


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