Ken Mehlman, George Bush’s Super Fag!

August 29, 2010

You don’t think Ken Mehlman is talented.  Of course he is. There are super fags around  everywhere.  In the arts, music, politics and news media. They are everywhere.  I knew them in high school, the young men who were a step ahead of everyone else. There was a thing about them but you weren’t sure what it was.  The super bright who could over achieve everyone intellectually.  Some finish school when they were sixteen.  If  Mr. Mehlman had chosen any profession he would have been excellent.  A uber fag.  A master of deceit.  A Houdini of escape artistry.   A man quick on his feet.  Able to avoid the appearance of  his existence.  Able to pull rabbits out of his ass to avoid detection.  Year of practise had made him an artist.  Like the frog in “frogger”, that video game, he was just trying to stay alive. Being part of a group is important but standing next President Bush. I’m surprised he didn’t piss himself.  Of course, he had help for all us Americans who are comfortable around a gay man as long as he is making them money.  Do you think George Bush didn’t know. A man like George who liked the ladies or at least one lady.  A man of deceit like Ken Mehlman they were both a match.  George acted like a President and Ken Mehlman what all gay politicans want to be, straight.  I know all the gay people are all excited about him and his role in defeating gay marriage.  You give the uber fag too much credit.  Cornpone America isn’t ready yet. I think this is a wake up call for gays. I think they all need to be like Ken Mehlman hide when it pays and open the doors when it doesn’t.  There is no fear of gays politically if there was DADT would be gone and there would be gay marriage. It’s politically advantageous to be against gay than it is be for them.  If gays are upset about Mr. Mehlman then they must be mad at all gays that lie to keep a job or  to keep the love of their parents or maybe just to be treated like a human being.   They must be mad at themselves for butching it up to hide. Gays have come a long way but most have to lie everyday just to get along cause most of them aren’t a uber fag like Ken Mehlman. Straight America needs to know when you have a political gay basher who talks about gay a lot he is probably working the public parks at night. When you get a preacher or some head of a organization who talks endless about queers look at his pants and see if the knees aren’t a little worn.  As far a Ken Mehlman he is gay.  What he did straight men do everyday to their own, no difference

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