Rupert Murdoch, Americans do you feel bitch slapped yet?

August 21, 2010

Several weeks ago we learned that King Rupert Murdoch sold part of his empire to an Arab.  7% of his holding to an Arab. A Muslim if you will.  Now I don’t see anything wrong with that if his organization wasn’t already manipulating the American Press.  Acting like there was something wrong to be a Muslim.  Using maggot mouth Glen Beck to degrade Muslims and acting like he really gave a damn. Rupert Murdoch acting like he cared about America.  Acting like he cared for fair and balanced News.  This week we learned that his company gave the Republican Party a million dollars.  Fox News was never fair nor was it ever balance.  I feel anger at all those Americans in the press at bastardized themself for a dollar.  People that once were respected News people.  Mr. Murdoch has taken our values and freedoms and used them like they were a football in some sort of sick game. Pitting Americans against each other with his lies.  I believe that Rupert Murdock knew his special treatment would not be challenged.  What can anyone do without looking like that were out to get him.  No other News Origination had ever been granted the freedom that Rupert Murdock had.  It was pay back time for Murdoch.  Time to pay the Republicans for all that special treatment.  You remember that Senator from Mississippi who help Rupert with his coop de tat. To get special treatment, Trent Lott. Who suddenly disappeared with his pockets full of money.  I think Rupert Murdoch did us a favor.  He verify what we all have known for the last decades that our fourth estate had turned to a cheesy joke.  He let us know that he was just a huckster.  “The man from downunder”  has a new meaning.  He is the latest to help dismantle a nation under duress.  Rupert Murdoch is truely unamerican.  If any other foreigner tried to take over our press we would have gone crazy.  But the Republicans quietly covertly help him take over the press. Fox News, has just cut the cheese, just one more time.


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