The Problem with conservative role models!

August 8, 2010


This picture has not been photoshopped

I know that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh are role models for the Republican Party.  I know that people who live in trailers love them.  I know that people who live in the shadow of the great 1950’s love these  guys.  They are lovable in a mean vicious way.  I think people who love mean people love these men of talk radio. Glenn Beck on Fox and poor Rush who is too ugly to be on TV.  So we all just get youtube type videos of him doing his limbo stuff.  He appears to be a crazed caged monkey. Jumping about with his arms moving about his head. I know that in every major city there are local conservative talking heads with “we are the truth” .   Selling a bi-polar conservative dogma.  They call themselves entertainers. That’s good but we know what they really are.  Most have taken on the persona of a Baptist preacher.  Selling born again conservatism that is some sort of morphing of all things  anti-democratic.  It appears that politicians believe that they can act like our two favorite non-funny  entertainers.  They can say stuff like, “let’s do away with social security”.  ” Obama is a magic negro”.  “Our President wasn’t born in America”.  “Cute stuff like Obama is a socialist”.  They make monkey jokes and they are as funny as their mentors  Rush and Glenn.  They believe they can say any nasty thing that comes in their amateurish brains. Michelle Bachman that crazy lady from Minnesota the home of  one of the Golden Girls.  The problem is she makes as much sense as Rose made.  Virgina Fox, wow, what a beauty she is.  I hear she was a teacher.  I think I might have taken a class from here.  If beauty is skin deep, where is her allotment of skin.  “Health care is a greater threat to us than terrorists.”   My she sounds like a freaking terrorist.  I don’t know but when women are sent out to do a man’s job. They look stupider and crazier than men. Oh course,  the men have sent these women out because they are cowards. These are women wearing Burkas of deception out to throw bombs into the crowd of unbelievers.   It’s the ladies in a circus freak show.  They are quintessential wicked witches. I hope they have convinced everyone to get the Republicans back in full power.  That will be good times for all.  You know “happy days are here again, butt heads”.  When Rush or Glenn say stupid things it’s O.K cause they know like Jimmy Jones you can fool a lot of people all the time.  At least enough to get good ratings on Fox.   Taking about magic negro, that would make Mr. Limbaugh magic talking head.  His voice is only heard my mad dogs and people in need of  a God. He hits the magical cord with those who have lost everything. I don’t mean belongings  it’s deeper than that. They have lost their souls to bitterness and anger.  To dreams that die hard and to an unforgiving God. They are the essence of what the Bible is all about.  Their souls are like dry crusted earth.  So when the ladies and men think they are entertainers like Rush and Glenn and can pull off their comedy. Think again look at how far it took Sharron Angle.  If the earth opened up and swallow up all the crooked politicians it would be like the Rapture.


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