Election time, roll out the barrels, the gay ones I mean!

August 6, 2010


It’s like the swallows returning to Capistrano every year.  It’s election time. Lets get a judge to proclaim something.  If not California somewhere else. Lets get this parteee going.  Let  the gays  think they have a chance of getting married.  Lets treat them like real people until after the election is over.  You think that this strategy wasn’t used in the South.  Bring out the Negros and show the world  we Americans are treating them right.  Even Hitler used that ploy by keeping a show place for the rest of the world to see.  It’s now the” solo money shot” issue for the Republicans.  How much money will those holier than thou Mormons use this time to step on the gays. They really need to save some for the Meskins, Kikes and the baptist holy rollers.  Gays marrying has knock abortion off the top of the muscial charts.  It’s one of those “hot button” issues.  The religious thinks it’s about sex. They always think it’s about sex.  It’s primordial religious beliefs that life and living is only about getting a litte.  Sex is the basis of all male contrived religions.  It’s like our laws in the U.S. are based on giving men all the power.  In fact, if gays wanted this to be about sex. There wouldn’t be anyone in the “gay community” (fictional words) caring about marriage.  I think most can get as much sex as they want.  At least as much as a straight man.  So a judge say it’s unconstitutional to exclude gays from marriage. You say he is a Democrat, so there are no Democratic judges that don’t like gays and don’t love to use gays to get votes on non-gay issues?  It wasn’t unconstitutional last week or last month or three months ago but now it is.  By the way, gays still can’t get married in good old  Calimississippi.  So who is playing games now and again.  As for as the gays, “stiffing that wrist , girl, it aint going to happen”.  Isn’t it the sodomites we hate more than the murders, crooks, abortionist, wars whores and bad government. Those issues are pushed to the back of the list because we don’t like to picture in our mind’s eye two guy going at it in the sack.  It’s not in our comfort zone.  It’s like watching Chelsea Lately.   So lets go down to the basement and up in the attic and grab all your anti-gay yard art and lets get this party going.


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