Eric Cantor

August 5, 2010

I think Eric Cantor might just be a geek.  I don’t mean geek in the good sense.  Frist my thoughts might be coloured.  Not like in coloured people but coloured in the fact that I am a pretty good judge of character.  I’ve been looking for any signs he might have some character but there appears to be no sign of life.  He has always appeared to me to be  a hit and run politician.  Hit and run not in the Rush Limbaugh type of hit and run but more like a rat, a nervous rat that moves around in jerking movements.  His nose moving around like he was smelling out the situation.  He is a nervous little geek.  Like one of those geeks in high school that used to tell on all the jocks and the guys who smoked in the restroom.  The Republicans seem to have fraternity of men like Eric Cantor.  The nerdy one who have no character.  Opportunists, men who know they are out of their league.  Men like Rick Santorum who think they are owed a position of wealth in the world of advice and consent.  Men like Karl Rove always a bridesmaid but never the bride.  A turd blossom but never in a bouquet.  John Dean was one of those tight little nerds that spilled the beans on Nixon and Watergate.  A nerdy little wiener that brought down a President of his own party.  Newt Gingrich is a prime example of a nerdy little Republican geek.  There are two kinds of politician, one is the good old back slapping tell me how to vote kind and number two is the nerds that thinks theyknow it all.   Eric Cantor is always so nervous in front of the camera.  I don’t mean “Meet the Press” but when he makes a big speak with a guy like John McCain.  When he putting himself out there for the real world to see.  My first glimpse of Mr. Cantor’s character flaw was the fact a man his age went to a Britney Spears concert the night the President was having the second news conference of his Presidency.  Not so bad if the country had not been literally falling apart at the seams.  Eric is now a spokesperson for the rich and he hoping for his place in the sun if he in fact makes this tax thing happen.  He is a geek little nerd punk ( a nerd who thinks he has balls) who will at best follow in the foot steps of  great Republicans like Nixon or maybe George Bush.  Problem with him he has no character or balls.  A fatal como in the world of fast moving world of bottom feeders.  It doesn’t help that he looks like he might work the public toilets in DC area at night.


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