Murdoch’s Mauauders or American’s new old Tea Baggers!

August 1, 2010

Tea Bagger Express

You might think that our wonderful  new extension of American’s freedom train could change the world. You know like in the 1960’s. The age of Aquarius. The dawning of a new age. Of course, it wasn’t anything like that. It was rock music and drugs. Young men going off to war to die for nothing. I can’t decide if the Tea Partay is about anything really. Are it’s members searching for Utopia or Dystopia.  Maybe just the yellow brick road.  You have to understand there hasn’t been to many revolutions that didn’t have a broad spectrum of citizens.  The young and the old. The young usually are the ones that do  revolution well.  Ours sixties revolution was about flower power and that nonsense.  It was about dropping out, at least on the weekend and those great parties.  It became a fashion show and musicals.  It was never anything but an exercise in youthful expression of silliness.  There was another American Revolution in the nineties. It was the Ross Perot extravaganza.  It was a revolution of the middle-aged folks.  A lot of those folks would later be a victim of Republican politics that would steal their life savings.  Ross Perot would split the Republican Party and help elect President Bill Clinton.  So these little mini revolution that aren’t really anything but a hiccup in our daily lives.  Paper revolutions are hard to produce. As important as Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh are in the scheme of things they are less than you can possibly imagine.  The Tea Party or Tea Baggers or whatever name they want to go by are nothing to worry our little heads.  The Murdoch patriots  are just a little show to amuse us and try to convince us that there is somehow going to be a change if we just elect the people we have already elected just one more time.  Somehow they know how the world works.  I have yet to hear one of them tell anyone what they want.  It’s what they don’t want.  Is it Utopia or Dystopia?  Again these paid marauders will do only one thing.  Help the Democrats win again.  Just set back and watch them work their magic.  It’s the sixties all over again without heart, without conviction, without passion and most of all without the music and without young people.  Nothing happens by accident.  The Republicans are miserable in trying to orchestrate anything.  Their first mistake is the belief that the world of American politics can somehow be controled and can if you throw enough money and lies at us it will change the course of history.  Prime example one, Barack Obama.  They had it in the bag.  Oh, excuse me Mr. Limbaugh.  Dance baby dance.  There are Utopias in this world but there are more Dystopias.  Those who think they are Gods and can change the course of history are just fools.  Can the Tea Baggers put down their cellphones and double cheeseburger long enough  for a revolution.  I think not.


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