Wars, wars and rumors of wars! Newt Gingrich calls for more war! Yes America’s Pussboy wants War!

July 31, 2010

Newt Gingrich is the type of “gurl” that loves starting wars but you’ll never see him with a gun in his hand. Never fighting against those “axis of Evil” .  War is usually started by cowards and is fought by the young and the brave.   He is the ying to the worlds yang.  Ying is the more feminine side of ying and yang.  He is one of those very bright young men.  Who has book learned everything he knows. He is a has-been and will never be again.   His star has shot across the heavens  never to be seen again.  He wants us to bomb North Korea and Iran.  Maybe tomorrow.  George Bush  is his God. George Bush the one who screw up everything he touched.  Trillion dollar wars.  That’s welfare for the military Complex.  Newt is such a nerd punk!  That’s a hybrid: a nerd that thinks he has balls. Yes, we need more Republicans up there or in my case down there in DC.  Get us another war agoing.  Good idea Newt.  I can’t  believe he is suffering from Alzheimer’s at his age.   Political Alzheimer’s that’s a sickness effecting the Republicans and the Murdock”s Tea Party boys and girls.  I remember when the Axis of Evil was George Bush, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.  Hard to imagine three  men that haven’t done more to damage America.  By the way that Axis of Evil goes back to WWII.  Newt can’t even help the pathetic Republicans come up something better and more threatening.  I guess all the nouns and adjectives are all gone.  Maybe something in French.  We need to stop following all the losers into losing wars.  We followed the French in Viet Nam and the USSR  into Afghanistan.  I guess maybe someday we will follow the Russians into the worse economy in the world.  Remember it took a Republican President to destroy USSR’s economy but it took a Republican President, Senate and the House to take down America’s economy.  Newt needs to size up on those panty hose he’s wearing.  Tired of that old fairy and his big mouth.

*fairy not so much his sexual preference but like a fairy setting on a rock under a bridge, oh that’s a troll.  never mind.


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