Fox News, can you spell that without any rrrr’s, Again I don’t think so!

July 21, 2010

The new Islamic front in the West is Fox News. Every time someone takes focus on them they point at a black man or black women.  It’s like shooting ducks.  To bad that Fox News was born 60 years too late.  The rrr I’m talking about is racism. I can’t believe they are getting away with this. I can’t believe they target any black person moving.  If there is no story they make one up. I’m now no sure their story about Black Panthers is not make-up. Staged like they did the Acorn story hiring independ film crews to go filming black people doing stuff.  Hiring some actors. Make some news! Fox New’s credibility is so bad it’s a joke. You ask why Obama doesn’t react. I think he is smarter than that. Who is the fool in the situation, I mean the firing of Mrs. Sherrod.  If President Obama had responded the press would have jump in saying he was playing favors. He only does that for black folks. I don’t think Fox News will ever be come an American institution. I don’t think it will be around that long. I think it really needs to have girly shows and crap that Murdoch does well.  Obama, his is not taking the bait from the left or the right.  So all these people who are “so disappointed”.  Those who want gays to marry.  Those who want Bush and Cheney to go to jail , gays in the military and  all the other hot button issues can’t understand why Obama doesn’t do more verbal sparing.  The odds are against him from the left and the right.   Don’t you think.  You can’t twist words you don’t hear. You can’t change the meaning of a sentence that doesn’t exist. You can only lament the silence.  Remember the Professor that Obama defended, oh you don’t?  Sure you do.  Even though the Professor was in the right the freedom loving fascists wanted Obama to be the bad guy. 

Here is the Video of that nice little story when President Obama tried to protect a black person and fellow American.


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