Americans Are so good at multitasking their fears, not just one will do!

July 20, 2010

Media Summit

Islm-Fox News who put the F in News is trying to get  a good old fashion race war going.  All the people in Ameirca who have tried that have in the long run failed.  I live in Mormon Country so I know what Islm-Fox’s talking points are. The thing about cults is  they usally will believe anything.  Today it’s those terrible dark-skinned black boys who hate white people and ain’t afraid to say so.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.  I thought you could speak your mind in America or is that now just Fox’s News.  I fought for this country so those black men could stand up and say  anything they want. Now Fox News has decide that they can’t.   Again Fox is the News maker. It doesn’t cover the News it creates it.  Now we American’s loves us some wars. So I’m thinking let it rip.  Fox is mad that the real Press isn’t reporting the story with the vengeance that they are.  Who put the N in Nigger, Fox News that’s who.  I’m sick of this political propaganda machines spitting out such anti-American trash. They are the media branch of the Republican Party. How come Tea Party people can say anything they want they can carry guns to public meeting.   That’s a white man’s trick not good if they are black.  The word for this election cycle will be Nigger.  Why don’t they just come out and say it.  Like it was 1954.  Islam would love to for us to get a race war agoing.  That was the great dream of our world-famous mass murder Charlie Manson.  Like Islm-Fox News he thought he could start a race war with visions of burning cities with a kind of Armageddon. You know the shit with those damn four horses.   He murdered and wrote racial lies in their blood.  Will your lies be in blood, Mr Murdoch.  Rupert Murdoch should be tar balled and sent out of town on a rail.  The anti-American creep is playing with American lives.  That never bothered him before.  If he thinks for one minute that he’s going to start anything but a bunch of crap he is mistaken.  Americans are quiet able to multitask their fears. Remember we are a Christian nation we were taught a long time ago how to manage our fears.   Mr. Murdoch we see where you are coming from and we know where you will finally end up. You and your Muslim buddies are up to no good and we know it. Where we come from we don’t need some foreign asshole to tell what to think or what to say.  I know us white folks are a little whinny and feel insecure but I think we can handle a few black dudes talking shit.  After all we burned down half of Phily chasing the black Panthers  in the 1960’s. You wouldn’t know about that Mr. Murdoch you aren’t from here are you?


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