Brave new world of Angie Harmon! Repbulcians Secret Weapon Gurl!

July 17, 2010

Angie Harmon, she ain’t racist, she pretty

<span>Angie Harmon is a lover of all things Republican.  After just little over a year in office with all the problems President Obama inherited by the big white elephant in the room, George Bush, Angie Harmon didn’t think he was doing a  very good job.  She loves Sarah Palin because she is a strong women who knows what she wants. That’s  something to admire.  Like in America there is a shortage of that type of woman.  I guess she isn’t racist she’s a “Tar ball Republican”.  On “The View” her black friends assured the world that Angie has black friends and is no way a racist. Of course on the same show they clear Mel Gibson of any wrong doing.  He was not a anti-semitic or a racist or drunk. He was next to the Pope. I guess there are somethings that are worst than being racist.  When we had a President like George Bush who ran the country into the ground for eight years and little missy Harmon couldn’t see that he was doing a bad job. Then she isn’t racist she was blind as a bat. One might think she was a tad racist when her Republican buddies have been talking the “Magic Negro” and monkey jokes and watermelon patches.  That Michelle Obama looks like a Gorilla.  Miss Harmon might not set in the racist pew if she doesn’t want to be seen as racist.  How many times has she chosen to speak against the racist in her beloved Party.  Never I guess. I have’nt seen her chatting it up with anyone except the gurls on “The View”.  That was to  promote her new cable TV program where she plays a tough women who has no lesbian tendencies.  A woman’s woman who Sarah Palin would  be proud of.  A shy gurl who likes a man but doesn’t want him to know  it.  Little gurly stuff but strong.  Do I care if Angie Harmon is racist, no I don’t.  Just like I don’t that Mel Gibson is racist. I can see why Angie Harmon likes Sarah Palin they both made it on their looks. The way of the Republican world. </span>


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