Six degree of separation or is that Two degree!

July 16, 2010

Again we see our conservative friends talking against muslims while dancing the ancient dance of gold coins.  Our Republican friends want us all to think they against all things muslim but it’s just that old boogie man chant.  BP (British Petroleum), that’s before they change their name, helped  in the release of a man who murdered 270 over Lockerbie Scotland. They bartered for oil rights over the lives of dead Americas. Like bartering for oil for those who died in the World Trade Center destruction.  If you want to maybe get a muslim murder’s name right on jeopardy it’s  Abdelbaset Ali Megrahi.  BP who apparently owns the whole frigging world and does as it pleases signed a $700 million deal with Libya shortly after the man was released.  BP said they had lobbied for the murder’s release.  Now let’s do some algebra.  If all Republicans love BP they must love what BP just did.  They believe that BP shouldn’t have to pay for clean up in the gulf.  They believe the already strapped America economy should shoulder the bill.   The U.S. holds, who knows how many, men in jail in Gitmo who have done nothing but at the wrong place at the wrong time.  This man help murder Americans before it was fashionable.  Republicans love to hate muslims when they make speeches but in reality, “where’s the money”. Now that the supreme Court just said it’s  O.K to spend any amount of money on a candidate. How much muslim money will be pouring.  How much American blood money will be sent over to buy the elections.  Could you expect anything different from the Republicans they are such money whores.  They’ve been licking BP ass forever.  Now that Fox News is owned by a muslim what’s next.  How long will it be before they start raising our national monuments and putting up Minarets.  If you think that Scotland made their decision to release Al Megrahi without advice and consent of the US government you are full of it. Six degree of separation or two degree, it doesn’t matter we all on Sarah Palin’s road to nowhere.  The new GOP, the Islm-Republicans.


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