Bad Government 101–Windy’s big ole hunk of burning love, David Vitter!

July 13, 2010

As David Vitter pulled up his pants from around his knees. He took full responsiblity for putting his manly penis into a pay for use women (no freaky Woman Riights jerk here).  There was no indictions if it was just once or did he double dip. ” It was a mistake”, he said. It has since come to light that little Davy loves to wear diapers.  David is one of those family values, patriot, liberty of all, gun-toting, lover of God and loose women.  Louisiana has had a long history of crooked sex crazed politicians.  Thanks to those politician a large part of New Orleans was under water.  Remember Katrina, huh. Crooked contractors doing their stuff.Remember all government is local.  All bad government start locally and works it way up into the halls of Washington DC.   Louisiana has probably received more aid from the federal government and will receive more than any state in the Union.  So lets elect Mr. Vitter. Keep bad government alive.  Don’t let it die out of indifference on our part.

Fellow Louisana native Jimmy Swaggart showing David how to really get down and apology


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