Design Star, TV design of the absurd!

July 12, 2010

Not talented enough to be a judge

Yip er Yiper do! not exactly

Candice “tin can Designer”

After watching the “master designers” change the rules after the fact. I was pretty discussed by the judges  inability to decide on a winning team.  That’s pretty frigging amateurish. Judges that can’t judge. Neato.  This week it was design a room around a bouquet of flowers.  Not really flowers but what flowers represent.  Not exactly that but don’t take it literally.  The week before  they designed  a room around musical instruments but not literally. You know the essence of some what a frigging room might look like if it was a band.  But not exactly. If any on these contestants were asked to do  these designs in real life I’m sure most would decline.   Of the three judges only one is a ‘real’ designer. Not a designer exactly or literally but a designer.  The other two are stick it together artcc-fartcc boy and gurl designers.  Next week maybe they will ask the would-be-designers to design something around sewer gases. Not literally or actually but abstractly.  If they can’t decide on a winning team they can just change the rules. That’s so high school and Design Star.   After last years disaster with ‘tin can Tony’ I wouldn’t want any of them to design anything of mine. Dog house included.


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