Arizona Sombrero Wars!

July 11, 2010


You’d think with all the “no press” about deportations that all those damn Meskins were just spilling over into our country like a flood of locus.  That no one is being sent back to Mexico.  Well. Batman that ain’t true.  The chart below shows that we are deporting lots and lots of folks.  The Governor of Arizona, Mrs. Skelator is over run by those brown devils from south of the border.  She fail to mention all those white “macho” guys with their big guns don’t like to do heavy labor.   Using cheap Mexican labor has made the southern and northern parts of  American’s post antebellum work force better than having slaves.  The fact is no one in their right mind would like to go out in the fields with the sun blazing above to pick cotton or anything else. Those kinds of jobs was always given to those in the bottom on the food chain.  Poor desperate black, white, hispanic, and chinese.

Read it and weep, Mr. BoehnerThe Honorable Mrs. Thing  says  the illegals are drugs dealers.   Wow,  400,000 drug dealers.  I bet it’s easy to get drugs in sunny Arizona.  Must be a state full of dope heads. Is that what the Gov. is saying?  We need to have our laws inforced and they are.  $18 billions on illegal immigration.  Another WOW.  To say that our government isn’t doing anything about illegal immigration is a bunch of bull.  To say President Obama isn’t doing anything is crap. We have a lot of bad government in this country.  Your choice,  from the top to the bottom or the bottom to the top! It’s still bad government.  If you want the food supply to dry up do a really good job in stopping illegals from coming to this country.  The big boys in Washington know don’t mess with the food supply or the energy supply if you want to stay in office.   The border states have always shown distain for Mexican nationals regardless of their immigration standing. I guess you don’t have much respect for people you screw over day after day.


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