Sharron Angle, a gift from the Gods for Harry Reid!

July 9, 2010

Dancing in the Dark with Harry ReidSometimes when something is too good to be true then usually it is.  “Pattie cake, Pattie cake bakers man”.  I was thinking about someone who is wonderfully insane as Sharron Angle has to be made up. You know, someone who says all the “wrong” things.  Someone who seems to be right out of one of those James Bond books.  I wonder if perhaps she has spikes in her shoes or some sort of Japanese something or other that she can throw. If I was assembling  the perfect six million woman  to put up against Senator Harry Reid, a tired old fart who just a frigging crook and liar, she is my man. She is the most perfect flower in the world of blooming idiots. She has that Republican adage if  it sounds wrong it must be right.  It was a sickness  George Bush had.   I mean, she is the counter balance to Mr. Reid’s do nothing leader of the most powerful  branch of body politic.  She is the ying to Harry’s yang.  One of those girl in those “girls gone wild” videos.  Keep your top on girl.  So I’m wondering who set this all up. The powers in Washington D.C. who need Harry Reid’s incompetence to guide the total destruction of America’s economy or just some of his long time friends who know someone.  Could it be the angels have opened up the heavens for Harry to do God’s work.  I know I’m not the only one who can’t believe their ears or eyes.  It’s like we have Sarah Palin going up against Harry Reid. Oh my God, could this be Palin in some sort of sick drag.  They speak the same words.  Has Sharron winked at anyone yet or is that a nervous condition?  I wondering how long it will before someone who counts realizes she is a fraud.  Someone for Harry Reid to run against.  Little Miss Sarron Angle who the hell is she really?


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