The Tea Party, if there wasn’t one we would have to invent one!

July 7, 2010


Crazy Lady

Oh that’s what happened.  You see when things are really nuts and  people who normally appeared sane are saying really “crazy stuff”.  Like the President is a racist like all the forty-three Presidents didn’t a racism bone in their white bodies.  The President was born in Kenya or maybe the dark side of the moon. What’s the difference there is no truth to either.  The elected President of America is like Hitler. Now most of the this bullshit is spoken by surrogates.  Creepy people who crawl in and out of our lives like some cockroaches.  They all looked like they belong is a 1930’s  ‘B’ movie.  Men who cry like little babies.  Women who might have starred in “Rebecca”.  Crazy bitches that picture themselves as some sort of savior of the world.  Satellite voices that echo through the mountains that predicted the end of America as we know it.  It appears that the whole lot needs to be gather up and sent off to a deserted island or maybe the closest loony bin. So what do you do to make this people look sane and intelligent?  You get a bunch of people together who are crazier than they are.  Real nut cases.  People who aren’t afraid to say anything you pay them to say.  Ross Perot had his little crazies way back then.  But this is modern America we need crazier and scarier ones.  People who will stand up when someone is speaking and start screaming.  Nice touch, huh. Remember that?  Neo-Rep Zombies with a little more life to them than those in “The Night of the living Dead”.  A party was formed by the Fox News Network and the Murdock empire  to show how crazy, crazy really is. A Tea Party was thrown. People came with Tea Bags hanging from the hats , arms and legs.  Even typing it now it seems quiet extraordinary. Men carrying guns to town hall meetings.  It’s been just over a year but it sounds like the 1950’s.  A world of tight camera shots to make a few look like a lot.  A crowd look  like hoards of people.  So whose the crazy ones. I think we know.  As the Tea Party becomes buried in the gray matter of minds, we still have to get back to reality. If you want to really have good government tea has nothing to do with it.  They are here today gone tomorrow but what crazy bunchof  fools will rise up to distract us from the things that are important.  Meanwhile I’ll take Earl Grey. No gun, thanks


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