John Boehner, Finally all the destruction and we are finally here, Social Security!!

June 30, 2010

Republican Congressman, minority leader of the House,  finally hit bone. Yes, ladies and gents. We have landed on the Moon. We have hit rock bottom.  He and his Republican friends with the help of born again Southern Demos have made a clear path to our security net.  They have taken our saving thanks to Wall Street golden boys.  They have sucked our treasury dry with those Biblical wars and rumors of war. They have given billions to the rich.  They can’t pass a bill to keep America’s families afloat.  The Supreme Court now say everyone should be allowed to own guns.  Sounds like someone is  wanting a little anarchy a going here.  John Boehner stood  before congress crying like a big baby for us to kept killing Iraqis.  How we need money for George Bush’s War.  It appears that all those croq tears have all dried up.  John will have to get crying drunk to songs about how proud it is to be an American.  Don’t cry for the War anymore, now it’s time to cry on America.  What John Boehner has done to this great country.  John Boehner can cry in his beer as this country slides into decade.   The statue of Liberty needs to be changed. Forget the huddle masses. Just the rich and famous and big fat cry babies like John Boehner need apply.  George Bush wasn’t crazy enough to touch America’s safety net but John Boehner is only doing it out of love.  The wars have cost too much.  Killing is such an expensive venture but that socialist crap has to go.  Those Iraqis don’t need a safety net. God Bless ’em.   Does that make you want to cry Mr. Boehner.   I think not.  Aren’t you German. How f…ing sweet!  God bless your drunken heart!


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