Glen Beck, our Vuvuzela man and boy toy of Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal!

June 21, 2010

Who is your Daddy, Bitches

I guess Glen Beck being a Saudi Prince’s bitch ain’t so bad. He’s got some splaning to do, Lucy. All those holier than thou Christians that listen to Glen’s every word even though they can’t figure out what the hell he’s talking about better harken to the Angels. The new Fox News Network will be “Muslims be us” . What Christian would in this right mind listen to Fox News now. Is Rupert a muslim? Is he a conduit to turn us into ‘Moors’. Rupert is a man of the world who has no loyalties to us Americans. So what’s this Glen Beck has problem with Barrack Obama being a muslim. He’s working for one. You say 7% is not a whole lot. Ex-Pres Bush owned less than 5% of the Texas Rangers and everyone called him the ower of the Texas Ranger. Glen can talk shit as much as he wants but we now know who is his daddy. A Christian nation being talked (lied) to by a Mormon whose words are owned by a Muslim. That’s America, guys. Who really listens to him. Really no one that matters. He is more or less a head banger. He is one of those Vuvuzela horns that drives you crazy after a while. Ritually slowly turning us Christians into one of those Muslims. The Vuvuzela man. Glen Beck gobbleguck has a reason he is scrambling our brains. Far as his boss Rupert Murdock he has beem pissing in our Al’ ka’ Cheerios. Again he is loyal to no one especially us Christians boy and girls. There are 35 TV stations in major markets, Newspaper, WSj and God Mohammad knows what else.


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