Northern carpet baggers acting like “good ole southern boys”

June 20, 2010

I used to live in Dallas, Texas.  I was born there. I know what it’s like to be a nigger hating white trash kind of guy.  I never knew until I was way up into my youth there was any other word to describe a black man.  I  am like a recovering alcoholic. I am a recovering racist. I don’t mean it in the bleeding heart liberal sense.  The problem I have is with the ‘new old South’.  Like Dallas for instance the city has grown like Johnson grass.  All the new people have come from the North, the midwest,  New England but as the new northern carpet baggers move down south they seem to change.  With all the new growth from the north Texas is somehow mantained it’s  racism.   Politicians with their southern “George Bush” accent still abound. Somehow the new growth has not equaled to a new world of enlightenment.  I think Texas is unique in that “you’ll fake friendly” bullshit. I have close relatives who love Jesus and hate niggers.  I think that goes hand and hand in the South.   The white Jesus seems to hate whoever  ignorant white folks hate.  Jesus seems to love white trash people more than anyone.  Of course, that same Jesus lives in the hearts  of  people with color. Thank God, Jesus wasn’t black or our Southern folk would be Godless.  I had to believe as a child that I wasn’t somehow on the bottom of  life’s  dung heap.  Even with no food in the house.  No outhouse to crap in.  Living in a shack with no electricity but there was someone somewhere living worse than me. ( Eine Kleine Schadenfreude).  I think every time we crap on someone, it comes back to bite us in the butt.  We refused to educated blacks.  Separate but equal bullshit.  We did win that one didn’t we.  Black on black crime, black on white crime.  Drugs here and there in the black ‘hood’ and white ‘hood’.  How’s that working for us now.  I know that every time we spit in a person of color’s face the wind blows it back.  I think that it’s call ‘pay it backward’.  Why does everyone in the South act like they  once lived in the world of Antebellum. Like they owned slaves.  I guess in the South no one like to think of themselves to be at the bottom of the dung heap.  Grab yourself a cowboy hat and you are a real Texan. 

White Southern Pride


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