“Diaper Dandy” loves to “Drill baby Drill” and Taxpayer to pay for cleanup!

June 2, 2010

David Vitter wants more drilling.  Shit happens, again. Life is full of us dodging the crap as it bounces off the blades of the fans.  You probably hear little from any of the elected boy from the world of “Advice and Consent”  talking about the giant carbon footprint in the middle of the Gulf.  I didn’t see David on the water talking about oil “spill”.   He was on the hard surface of mother earth.  All the Washington boys know we dumbasses will forget about it if they just don’t talk about it.  I know David Vitter will miss deep-sea fishing with the big boys from Louisiana politics.  Talking about sex with girls of ill repute.  How many Senators does it take to fill the Gulf with oil?  A vote from all of them, 100.  Where is all those boys from “no” where.  David Vitter is a Senator, mention that because I saw articles that didn’t call him Senator.  I think he might have let the President off the hook when he said stuff happens.  Everyday we learn more and more why we are in this frigging mess.


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