Senator Gregg needs to get back into the real world. He’s been too long at the Partay!

May 26, 2010

You remember Senator Gregg from New Hampshire. He was selected by President Obama to become Commerce Secretary he excepted then changed his mind.  Now he thinks we Meskin Americas are lazy and milking the system. He is a polician for Christ sake.  Calling the kettle black.   We been called lazy by the best of them but not by our own elected officials.  He is really talking about the Blacks and Meskins  us white folks need not worry.  A guy from New Hampshire sounding like he from Biloxi.  He is one on the boys that help send ours jobs over to China, India,  Puerto Rico and any place so some Corporation can make an extra dime.  So now he saying we need to cut off all relief from all those unemployed nar-do-wells.  After giving Banks and Wall Street hundreds of billions of our money. Not his. I have yet to hear anyone called them lazy or for milking the system.  A guy would prefer British Petroleum having not to pay for the damages in the Gulf.  Yes sir re dude you are a piece of work.  God bless you!  May you soon return to the real world and work for the dimes you get.


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