Harvesting the wild winds of Ronald Reagan tickle down theory!

May 25, 2010

My only wish is that Ronald Reagan was still alive to see what Reagan economies has produced.

The seeds of fake capitalism that he planted have us now on the brink of collapse. Business is allow to run wild doing as they please. He is the father of this mess we are now in. He was the Preacher of getting government out of the way of business. He was “the Man” who greased the wheels of greed in America. Thirty years later the harvest is ready. Maybe Reagan who lived in his movie western fantasy world couldn’t have foreseen how greedy the human animal really is. How having no controls on business would actually have business taking over the government completely. That the buying and selling of elected officials would be easy as buying off crooks in one of Reagan 1930’s gangster movies. The House and Senate unable to solve the problems that limited government has caused. A world where contaminated food and medication recalls are common place. We have a gulf full of oil. Banks and Wall Street still doing as they please after a total rescue. Reagan’s logic would to have let them fail. Lawmakers refusing to hold British Petroleum responsible for what they have done. The southern borders out of control with illegal immigration. Jobless rate at highest since the great depression. A city in U.S.A with bodies lying in the streets for days and others dying before the T.V. cameras because of a government unable to act. Mr. Reagan’s trickle down theory has finally made his way down to the common folk. His wonderful speeches straight out of some “B” movie. As each day passes we realize that words aren’t enough. Welcome to the wonderful world of business and government without controls. The world of Reagan Utopia.


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