Obama, Jesus and the Gulf Coast

May 23, 2010

Why aren’t there Jesus boys telling us what this big fat oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico really means.  By the way, it is no longer a spill.  You spill milk or your beer, this is neither.  What we have is an ever gushing pipeline  of oil filling the Gulf.  The Mother of all Oil disasters.  I don’t hear any of those Bible slamming preachers telling us what this is all about.  What kind of sign from God are we getting. Is it homos buying gas so we are all being punished. That we America are worshiping Oil as our God?  The Golden Calf of idol worship is all black and gooey.  Why no direct calls from God.  I mean, with mobile  phones  and all, it should be quiet easy. That Pat Robertson guy, has he got nothing?  Has anyone seen Jesus in the clouds of oil floating the rough water of the Gulf coast of Texas.  Why not? He as been seen everywhere else; pizzas, clouds, food stains, cream in coffee. Why not in the Gulf.  The Southern Republicans have found Jesus everywhere they look.  They seem to think Obama should do something.  Lets see, are they saying Obama is God. The oil people at British Petroleum can’t stop it.  Those are the people who work with oil everyday. They know where to drill  and how to pull it out of the ground. They can’t do anything.  It appears to be the case.  All the Republicans want Obama to play God and stop the oil from gushing from underground.  They want Obama to play God?  That would be an act of God. Oh, we have already had an act of God.  Why has Jesus not answered the oil people prayers. They seem to have everyone in the pocket why not Jesus.  As we continue our quest do destroy our planet, all the calls for a President to do something will be truly absurd. It would be like asking a President to stop the Santa Ana winds from spreading fires through the hills and valleys of California.  To stop the Mississippi from flooding every year.  The sounds of the words “Drill baby drill”, the Republicans battle cry of 2008  has changed to” Help Obama help” .  Why not ask the Senate to do something.  They seem to have all the power.   They are the Party of Amy Winehouse as she declares “NO, no,no!.  Rand Paul wants the federal government to stay out of our business.   The Senate doesn’t want British Petroleum to pay for the unending clean up that will surely follow. They want the American people to pay  for it.  Isn’t that some kind of  tax. If our elected officials want to get in bed with big business and especially big oil, then they are going to get a little oil up their noses.  The truth is, Jesus or God had nothing to do with the oil “spill” but He never stands in the way of humans and their God-given arrogance and greed. He knows where we are headed.  A place where Jesus doesn’t answer his cellphone and the four horses of  Revelation dance across the sky with oil dripping from their horse’s hoofs. There will be no President to call.  He knows Al Quadi is not our true enemy but it is the people in Washington DC.


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