Rand Paul, New glamor puss for Republicans

May 22, 2010

Rand Paul is the Republicans new glamor puss. He is the Sarah Palin in pants, but he hails from the South.  He appears to have the intellect of Mrs. Palin.  Today, he said it was un-American of our President to criticize BP for flooding the Gulf with oil.  I really thought that Mr. Paul had some brains after seeing him in several interviews.  If Mr. Paul doesn’t know that BP stands for British Petroleum, then he needs pack up his suitcase and go home.  When the oil starts hitting the shores of Florida that’s when the oil slick is going hits the fan.  All the politicians who have been saying stuff like “I don’t see any oil on my shores.”  Will be eating their words. I guess it was Un-American for President Bush to criticize Al Quadi for destroying the World Trade Center. America is going though its anti-itelligual period. Looks like we got another winner in Mr. Rand Paul.  When is it un-American to criticize a foreign company that is destroying the ocean around us.  Have all the Republican lost their f-ing minds.


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