Democratic Party compared to Nazi Germany more than the real Nazis!

May 18, 2010

I hear the “N” word a lot nowadays.  Everyone in the Democratic Party is a “N”.  If you’re not a Fascist Republican you are a “N”.  I’m confused because the conservative Holocaust deniers are bumping heads with the people who use the “N” word .  According to them there was none of this “N” stuff happening. Can’t have it both ways.  The “N” word of course is Nazi.  It’s another one of those words that comes tripping of the tongue of all those anti-Americans that think dividing us is their duty. It was also a ploy of the Nazis before the war (the real Nazis in Germany).   That is the hope of the Republican Party and the surrogates who prove everyday they have nothing to add but hate and division. When was the last time you heard a Republicans say anything good about anything in America?  Maybe the Republicans are using the “N” instead of using the other in “N” word.   Nazi for Nigger, I guess if you were drunk or a racist they sound the same.  Maybe it’s one of those southern code words for Obama. I really wish someone would publish a dictionary on southern racist code words. I can’t keep up. What really bothers me is how many scholars of Nazi History there are who are Republicans.. I’m always cautious when a straight man knows too much about gays.  A person who is always talking about dope and a guy who can’t shut up talking about fucking Nazis. Newt Gingrich sees Nazis everywhere.  It’s his sixth sense.  A ole butt sucker like Newt knows his stuff when it comes to trickery and the crap that comes with it. The problem is when you make your fellow Americans your enemy why go all the way to Germany.  Besides most America haven’t got a clue what the hell he is talking about.  “Cabaret” the movie is all Americans know about Nazis now a days.  Newt just proves there is more than one turd blossom in the Republican Party.  They can’t find any bad politicians in this country that aren’t Republicans.  I mean like George Bush, Karl (spelled like a Nazi word) Kove,  Alberto Gonzales,  Scooter Libby and oh hell must I go on. Even Bill Clinton is somehow off-limits to the Republicans.  I guess they beat that horse to death when Clinton was President.  I don’t see any Democrats hunting down Jews. I see the Republicans have  put innocent people into concentration camps with no “Arbeit mach Frei” sign.  They have listened in of private conversations and  read private e-mails. They have invaded independent countries with no cause  They love the Neo-Nazis here in America.  Who is the damn Nazi here Newt ( zum Sieg )  Gingrich. Why is he always talking Nazi shit.  I think the Republicans missed their chance to see a new world order for all of us.  How sad.


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