Sarah Palin and the world of Toddler Syndrome

May 16, 2010

Have you seen two toddlers playing.  One has a toy and the other one wants it.   After a few minutes they play and forget about the toy they were fighting over.  Then one remembers it and grabs it  guarding  it with his life.  That’s the game ex-whatever Sarah Palin is playing.  The thing about guns and the conservatives ploy to get all the liberals and people who care about laws and order going “ballistic” over guns.  Buy your damn guns, Sarah Palin “Buy baby, buy.”  Sister Palin thinks she knows how to excite the anti-gun folks but I think she is wrong.  The NRA members are kind fo parting ways with the leadership.  NRA believes it’s ok to sell guns to people on terrorist lists.  The conservatives all over the country are passing crazy guns laws.  Students can carry guns to class and the such.  Laws to get the Lefties all excited about everyone having their own personal human killing machine.  In the end it will have the opposite effects.  Just stand and watch.  I think that ex-girl is what the President calls a Drama Queen.  She forget he doesn’t do drama.  Nobody wants Sarah’s anything.  It’s all yours Sarah.  Sarah is probably wondering what the hell is going on.  That immigration thing in Arizona fizzled and now she can’t get people excited about guns. I guess it’s time to try that brither thing again.  It’s hard to stir up things when no one is listening to you.   What if  Sarah throws a party and no one came.  No one cares about Sarah’s piece.  Come on girl, it’s fun to ride in cars with boys with guns.  Why isn’t Sarah wearing her pistola on her hip.   A girl doesn’t know how to accessorize. You go girl!  As far as the Toddler Syndrome, I’d rather bitch slap a gorilla than  kinderspiel with a Drama Queen.


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