A change is going come

May 13, 2010

We are all locked in death matches. The Left and the Right in their singlets are ready for the match of the century. The problem is what is the trophy. Does the Left want a totally liberal world and does the Right really want a government akin to that of the original 13 colonies? It’s that old adage, “Be care what you ask for you might get in spades or lets say in hearts.” As they work hard to achieve their goal, I have a feeling that the battle is more important than who will win because no one usually wins. It has become a pissing contest with a lot of well trained pissers. In a world where you can’t tell any difference in either Party, ‘the good ole boys’ in their expensive suits, their Italian loafers and their spray on tans. They all look like they just came from the Rivera. What is really going on? Our fancy politicians and their worldly ways have put us folks who are at ground Zero in harms way. When the crap hits the fan we are first to get the smell on us. We have guns laws and immigration laws and laws about who can marry whom. We have drug law and laws against doing this and doing that. We have a major sex scandal in the Catholic church and yet no one says anything. We have oil filling the Gulf of Mexico. Life does go on. There are people of color in the Currier and Ives paintings of an America that really never existed. What’s going on, I mean really what going on. Americans have always been a people of purpose. A people who believed in hard work and building something. Our government is taking that from us. Now as the jobs dwindle and more and more retail stores close we realized we are a world that no longer cares for and about the things we as individual care about. Yeah, but look how cheap things really are? We are subsidizing China with our social programs for those who have no jobs. We are paying China to take your jobs. Our $10 electric coffee pot, our $30 DVD players, or $900 flat scene TVs fill our homes. All the cheap stuff is costing a bunch. We live in a world of excess. Not wanting but having everything we physically want. We are in a era of our own discontent. Things are too cheap. Our minds are numb by the constant political jousting that rules our flat scene TV’s. Are we going into a new millennian. You know, that thing that was supposed to happen in 2000. Are we about to step into a new threshold of our existence. Like a snake shedding it’s skin. Like we have in the past. There was the bronze age, the iron age, and the machine age, they were all great changes that catapults us into something different. We somehow are changing and are being repulsed by the material things that we seem to love. Doctors cram us full of pills and send us on our happy way. We have come to the end of the road. That there is something new just around the corner. Our government has failed us, our religions only pit us against each other. We only consume. We are like that half ton man. Things brought to us. Our food is changing to chemical mixes and special formulas that make us fatter. We are at the edge of change. It will be from the heart, it wont be Democratic or Republican nor Religious it will be a basic change in our psyche. Love is not something that is given to us my religion but it is a individual feeling that goes from person to person until it forms a group. It is the opposite of the way we are taught. We are victims of the goose that laid the golden egg. A change is a coming. It’s not the tea baggers cause they are old school folks who want to return to the iron age. They are the people that brought us the world of anarchical greed. The tea baggers only want to be part of the people that cut of the pie. If the world changes it will be us that changes and if it doesn’t. Don’t even think about it. The politicans have all opened their bags of tricks and we see their magic. It is no magic at all.


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