Rupert Murdock–To Serve Americans

May 9, 2010

Rupert Murdock that’s not a very sexy name of a person heading a political party. I mean Ronald Reagan that sounds like the name of a real American not some tea sipping Aussie guy. You might think that just because he’s a tea drinker he’s the one that called his party “Tea baggers”or his party would be called the “Tea Party”.  He is certainly a goofy looking guy to have such power as to start a political party of his own. I mean to come to the richest nation in the world and start a political party of his own is truly amazing.  Rupert is an opportunist. He is a guy who sees a need and fills it.  He  comes to America and see two political parties who have been totally corrupted by money probably even more than the Russians.  A government that will not governor and there you are Rupert Murdock has found his ace in the hole.  With a little political corruption of his own he has created a network of broadcasting TV stations and Newspapers and don’t forget his Cable News Network.  If any other man came to this country and did what he has done, will it just couldn’t happen.  I guessed that he could grease a few hands and the world would be his. Of course, he was right.  The man is truly a genius.  We know that he is rich but what else is he.  We know that money is his God.  But what does he want from America?  More money, at his age maybe he wants something else.  Is he an elitist?  One of anti bourgeoisie (middle class) kind of guys. One who believes the two class system, the rich and the poor.  Who is this mad man who controls the minds of the 28% percent of America. The movements he controls like the birthers, the death panels, no health care for the bourgeoisie. He has selected a team of freedom Marauders that would make Al Qaeda envious.  The color of his skin help him more than anything.  How many guys with darker colored skin in a country where like gay politicians, racism has no place to hide, could have pull of such a coup d’ tet. Let say a Muslin came in a did just what our white friend from down under did. As I said earlier, never going to happen. Is he from outer space or maybe the antichrist. I doubt it. Can a man of such power destroy a nation as great as ours once was? Is he a trojan horse for America. He is a man in search of more power. I mean, divide and conquer was Richard Milhous Nixon political strategy is it his. Why is it so important to create a propaganda network. It doesn’t make any sense at all.  Why is it so important to this divide this country where he has nothing to gain by doing so. Those like Glenn Beck, Hannity and all the pretty girls that chat us up with lies and misinformation.  Why is so important for Rupert Murdock to keep America in such turmoil. Is he a Muslim or has anyone ever asked. Why does he have so much power? Why is the truth not good enough for Mr. Murdock? A question we should ask about any alien, “Why is he here?”  I hope it’s not to serve Americans.


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