Oil, Oil everywhere and yet we are always in an Oil Crisis!

May 5, 2010

As we Americans see the Gulf filling with oil, we can see what a big bunch of suckers we are.  The Oil crisis of 2008 that took Oil to $5.00 a gal was a fraud.   The Crisis that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and threw the American economy  into a downward spiral that we have yet to recover.   The Oil companies store their Oil off shore and slowly spoon-feeding it to us to keep up the prices.  Maybe Florida well get some of the black T on their shores they do love conservatives and ” La say faire”  approach to big business.  Lets see how long it will take the Federallies to come to their aid.  Unlike Louisiana, Florida has some serious clout and the American government comes a running.  We already know what our Government thinks of Louisiana.  (BP) British Petroleum is already blaming Halliburton( by the way neither are American Companies). So when politicans saying how we need to start more off shore drilling they mean we need to let other countries come in and drill near our shores.  It’s no big deal, as we humans continue the march to destroy the planet, nothing will stand in our way.  It is in our DNA.


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