Conservatives prefer Fantasy instead of reality Politics !

April 21, 2010

There are those death panels that are fantasy.  It’s really hard to fight fantasy it’s so illusive.  Ever changing.  As long as conservatives stay away from reality the better off they are.  The brither is a myth that can’t be solve.  It is magical in that if you don’t believe facts it is a puzzle that is never-ending.  The fantasy of Kenya dancing in their heads is like a buritto.   It’s lies and hearsay covered with ignorance wrap in racism.  The make-believer and the fantasy talkers are fine as long as the are high-flying and never touch down to reality.  It’s that damn reality that alway ruins a good myth. But if the myth is delivered correctly it will remain in the hearts of those intended to believe it.  It’s the world of Voodoo and magic. It’s been used for hundreds of years on the poor, uneducated and religious.  It works equally well with any of the three.  Barrack Obama is a socialist is a good one but unfortunately most of population doesn’t really know what a socialist is. They only know that it’s bad if our black President is one. One idiot politician said something like, “We American don’t want to become socialist like Sweden or was it Austria”.  We should be so lucky.  Myths have been used for ages but usually not on someone who is part of a society that one lives in.  It’s usually against an enemy who is made smaller or larger than life depending on what the need is of the time.  Say, we were fighting Canada.  Lets say they have all the oil in the world. So what does a good myth maker do.  Frist he says that Canada is doesn’t believe in God and they all worship totum poles.  That even tough they look mild mannered and they have been interbred by Alaskan savages and have become savages themselves.   We have established them as non-believers and idol worshipers.  Then we would start saying stuff like they are building up the forces along the border of the US and Canada. Next we say something like North Korea was building bases in Canada.  Newspapers would leaks stories about how bad the Canadians are and how dangerous they have become.  Are you ready to invade.  Political myth building works basically the same way.   The conservatives have been building their myths against our President and the Democrats at a record speed.  They know how it’s done. They are experts at it.  It kind of like magic if people believe anything they are told.  If it fits their agenda.  Religions have used this type of myth building for centuries.  All the old world religions used it to conquer the world by instilling in their own people fear and hatred. There isn’t a major religion that has used the political game to get what they want from their followers. We are bombarded everyday by the myth builders of Fox News and all the low-grade politicians who are out there shoot clay pigeons.  How can you spot one, they usally talk loud, and have a wild look in their eyes. There is nothing too stupid or outlandish for them to say. They are politicians who have everything to lose with not real gains. I think they call it desperation. Go ahead, myth maker make me a myth.


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