Palin is Anti-American Government and Obama is Anti-American

April 19, 2010

Sarah Palin America’s insane darling of the  over the top swinging Right is trying to paint the President as Anti-American.  I think she maybe right but for all the wrong reasons.  First of all, if you love corruption you will love Sarah Palin’s America.  If you love Rush Limbaugh, who by the way just said that our President is responsible for the eruption of Iceland’s volcano, you will love Sarah’s crazy upside down world of people who are wanting some kind of American that exist only in someone mind.  If you love dead miners you will love Sarah’s world of  anarchy.  If you love Sarah, money-grubbing you will love Sarah’s America.  You will love Sarah when Sarah  Militia  starts  the attack against our America.  When they blow up a Wal-Mart full of people.  You will you love Sarah’s world when our own  “freedom loving”   Americans starts killing for the love of America.  You’ll love the Sarah Palin’s anti-American America when you are afraid you send you kids off to college because one of those anti-intellectual Right Winger might decide to blow a school of higher  education.  That’s Sarah’s world.  A world with not rules just like she said at the Vice Presidential debate , ” screw you Joe Biden and the debate sponsors”  I don’t need no stinking rules.  It is Sarah as it is Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck and Fox News job is to incite violence against other Americans.  How Anti-America is that.  They are the ones who want a crazy person, an “uberpatriot’, who will do their dirty word for them.  It’s like the Al Quadi sending out suicide bombers out to kill.  Sarah with her code words for violence is hoping that she will  say the right words to provoke  the right person.  She is the spark  looking for kindling to start the flames of revolution.  Like the insane dreams of Charlie Manson she believes she has powers to change the world through violence.   She is the princess of Anarchy.  It’s the classic struggle between  idiot children of the Right against a Harvard education intellectual.  Violence is their only hope.  It’s the final solution for America!  When one of the segregate politicians lie about our President they insult us and our intelligence.  Sarah sold her patriotism a long time ago.


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