Glenn Beck—Tilting at Windmills!

March 27, 2010

Like a child  with dyslexia and Turrets syndrome Glenn Beck stands in front of his blackboard explaining to us some nonsense about things that don’t make sense.  He is a man tilting at Windmills. He is an artist at the mythical and fictional.  He is like a child who just awaken from a dream and is trying to explain what that dream was.    In his  desire to become something he is dancing on the edge of insanity with his sword and shield  held to the sky.  He is the superstar of Fox News.  Der Wunderkind of  knowing all.    A Karl Rove double-ganger of bull shit. The problem is of course Glenn Beck is truly an entertainer in all sense of the word.  A news reporter reports facts and he has none.  Even in his wildest moments he as been nothing but mommie’s boy.  A cry baby who rates second only to that whore banger Rev. Jimmy Swaggart.    A bi polar mess who probably needs medication and hospitalization.  He is the anti-intellectual intellect.  He is what an idiot would think a intellectual would be like.  He is make belief.  He is another example of what Republicans think is for true.  Yes, in the world of brithers, and deathers, of death panels, socialism,  Barrack Obama,  80’s classic Rush Limbaugh,  loose cannon Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman there are plenty of windmills for Glenn to tilt to.  The parallel world of windmill tilting Republicans and the real world of politics it seems to be tilting toward the Democrats.  How’s  Glenn Beck working for you.  You know there is no windmill too big or to made up to stop Glen for tilting at it.


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