The Biggest Losers–The Radio Talking Heads, The Teabaggers, and the Grand ole Party!!!!

March 23, 2010

Well, all I can say is all the Republicans should be voted out of office.  Gang of losers, that’s what they are. They have destroy the Republican Party by giving it to a bunch of hoodlums and Gangsters.  That’s of course not accounting for the fact that most of them are living in Gangster Paradise. I guess where they failed the most is by believing they could let people like Rush baby and Glenn, the clown, Beck  could speak for them. That they could set back and let the crazies take over their Party as they hid from sight like the little girls they have become.   The segregates of a once proud Party, calling people names and threatening other politicians lives.  That’s how losers become more of a loser.  If I were a Republican I’d ge rid of that “nigger” , isn’t that what they call them,  at the  RNC. Then I make sure that Mitch McConnell and that drunken idiot John Boehner were never elected again to anything. These clowns have shown again and again that they are incapable of leading.  So if you are Dido heads or Bozoites  then you should be proud that they hijack the Republican Party.  So if you guys want more of the same from all the Republican losers re-elect them boys.  By the way, governing by not governing is not governing.  The GOP created the talking radio heads to destroy the Democrats not the Republicans.  The Republicans have created another monster with the teabaggers. I wonder how long it take to work their magic and devour the  GOP. Just to piss off  a bunch of white man freaks I’ll say this.  All the Repbulican horses and all the Repbuican men could defead one single black man.  I guess that trailer trash can only do so much.  As we always said in my Penitcostal church as a kid, “victory in Jesus”!


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