Rachel Maddow, Is she too Bush(Butch).

March 16, 2010

Rachel Maddow doesn’t fit into my head just right.  I guess I really mean Rachel Maddow is not what I want her to be.  She’s smart, damn smart.  I see all these sissy female News readers and I can tell most of them are light weights.  They are all so pretty and so damn stupid. (Here ia usually when I misspell a wrod or something)  You’ve heard of the glass ceiling. Well they are kind of the glass clipper set. They all look like little princesses.  They are oh so pretty with their eyes glue to the teleprompter.  Rachel Maddow is a looker in her own right.  But she goes after the News with a vengeance. She is amarking down stuff. She stares into her computer like a mad scientist.  She is the Joe Friday of MSNBC, “Just the facts, sir!”  If you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t think about going on her show.  That’s why you never see yo-yo heads on her show.  She knows the facts when the facts don’t really matter.  Again the problem I have is I don’t want Rachel to be a lesbian.  I don’t know why. Maybe I’d like to believe that a woman can compete with men without almost having to be one.  I see picture of her wearing a man’s plaid shirt. I’m thinking damn she doesn’t have to act like a man to compete with them.  I guess she is saying to men your penis doesn’t impress me.  I guess that is when women are really successful. when they aren’t impress by a man’s junk.  I guess that is truly the equalizer.  A man can be a fat pig but because he has a wiener he thinks he’s God’s gift. I know I wouldn’t like Rachel Maddow any other way than the way she is.  Would I even listen to her if she had a short skirt on and setting on a couch doing a version of  ‘Sharon Stone’ like you see on Fox News.  Trying to keep her skirt down around her hips.  All that make up  that  ‘those other’  women wear. The News would not seem so believable.  Come to think of it.  It’s not that Rachel is so butch, it’s that all those showgirls look like they just came from the Jersey shore.  Some of those giggling bitches drive me crazy.  We know that Rachel is not impressed by junk. Her News reporting is outstanding.   That other junk, gentlemen she is not impressed. That’s true equality.


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