Missy Elliott, talking trash in New Hampshire!

February 14, 2010

Missy Elliott taking the dirty roadNancy Elliott of  New Hampshire has graced us with her take on gay, man on man, sex.  My rule about other people’s sex is never imagine it or ever think about it. Take Missy Elliott, she looks somewhat unkept. I think that’s the word.  Her hair is all askew and a little over bleached.  She is somewhat fat so she probably has a strong aroma is various places.  So I’m thinking maybe she might not be getting too much sex as it is.  I guess I should stop now before my gag reflexes start.  I’m trying to walk this minefield that she walked head on into. I would like to remind Missy Elliott that before the introduction of feminine hygiene products, women were separated from the men in church and other public places because of will how do I say this, odor from  down under.   Women were placed in the back of the building. Now I’m not saying that Missy Elliott smells like a toilet but I have had the unfortunate luuck to have lived in several places overseas where hygiene was the best. Believe me, Houston we have a problem.  I guess what I’m saying is we are human being (animals).  Three days without hygiene well all smell like ‘shit’. People like Missy Elliott, only speak about these things to shock others.  Or maybe she has lived a life of missionary sex.  Maybe she doesn’t have her period.  But talking about people having sex is way too much uncouth and so Rush Limbaugh circa 1980.  If Missy Elliot would stay off the internet, maybe she wouldn’t have such sinful thoughts of two men having sweaty man on man hot sex.  But first she  should never ever think about someone else having sex.  I mean the sex act it’s self.  Where men stick it or where women put it or where men put this thing in there should always stay in the dark.  Besides lesbians don’t to the dirty deed so I think maybe they  should allow to be married.  I’ve always believe those who speak the loudest have the most to hide.


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