IT’S Ok Mr. Limbaugh to call my child a retard! Thank you very much!

February 8, 2010

Sarah and Retarded Child

It’s now the ole “Im O.K. you’re O.K. world of politics.  Mrs.Palin more out of fear than love has given Rush Limbaugh the right to call her child retarded.  Knowing the dangers of  “Pissing Off” the King of the Republican Party she has pushed aside the love of a mother for her child to a tasteless piece of human garage.  I really hate even typing his name.  I guess it’s funny in a kind of a Chelsea Handler kind of way.   What if  he wants to call the child ugly or stupid or fat.  Will she smile like an idiot. What then.  Nothing.  I think Mrs. Palin has the spine of  jello or something like that.  What about her husband why doesn’t he say something.  Is he a man or just a game player?  Maybe that bridge to nowhere is standing before them again. I think there are going to be plenty of them before it’s all over.  I guess she thinks it better for Rush to wallow in his own dung, maybe another nail in his coffin.  In the world of Rush Limbaugh, a child like Trig is nothing but a retard.  You wonder why people carrying a child with down syndrone might think about abortion.  A word that in the world of Rush Limbaugh is “verboten” even for a retardo. We now live in a world where a person can say or do anything that comes into his or her head.  I’m sorry that Mrs. Palin has such little respect for own flesh and  blood.  Hope her child will never understand what she has done. That she treated  her child like a political object, that would be sad.  After her Tea Party speech it was followed by chants of  “Run Sarah Run! I think that is good advice.  Run Mrs. Palin run!


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