Joe Wilson getting America back!

September 20, 2009

Joe Wilson us get America back!

Joe Wilson, help us get America back!


I love me some Joe Wilson. He is what has made us what we are today.  If not him people like him. I harken to the days of Strom Thurman, a true American who like black people especially black women. Yes, I want the old America back where you could have a black mistress and peace separationism. Yes all us trashy white trailer trash love us some old America. Yes, we do. The other day I saw Joe stand up against health care eventhough his state has the worst record for the health of it’s citizens. I guess that means Joe has a big pair of lowhangers. He is truly a Republican with class. I’m just thinking maybe there is some record of the old America that we can all go back and see what the old America is all about. The first ground breakers in shouting out I mean beside Sarah Palin and Joe Wilson.  Our forefathers, who really understood what speaking your mind was all about. In the dusty files of youtube I found what very will be the Rosetta Stone of Old America.  Listen up, old America.  God bless old America!

Now I know what you guys are talking about. I love old America, thanks Joe for helping us get it back. Makes Joe “You lie!” sound like a low level fart!


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