Fasten your seat belts it going to be a bumpy ride!

September 17, 2009

seatbelt sign All of us who were alive during the Clinton era, we know what the Republicans are about.   One thing they are genius in doing is anarchy.  They are like your neighbor next door who never shut her frigging face.  A constant barrage of noise that shuts the mind down after a while.  They are like those kids in a restaurant the waitress thought you would love being seated next to.  They verbal skills are almost non existant but that doesn’t stop them. They are mindless noise makers, and as children they think you are interested in what they are saying or doing.  They, the Republicans, are like those guys with those damn boon boxes they think you want to hear their shit. The anti-Obama folks have become a cottage industry. They will be there for the next seven years an endless parade of issues and issues that will be there for our pleasure. They are idiot savants. They have only one talent and that is making the President of the United States a bad guy. The are so gifted they are thought to be genius in the field of endeavor.  The sadness is to watch them. Like some child with ADD, they are here and then they are there. Again they are like children playing the mud they are the ones that get dirty as those they think care about them don’t. They love their Jesus or at least a Jesus that most of us don’t recognized. They may seem harmless but they are dangerous and sometimes deadly. They will kill with no conscience like any mindless fanatic.  So all you peaceful folk who think this will be over in a day or two, you are mightily mistaken. So fasten those seatbelts it going to be a bumpy ride.


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