Has Barrack Obama come down with white man’s fever! JC nice and easy!

September 9, 2009

Has Barrack Obama come down with White man’s fever! JC nice and easy! By JC I don’t mean Jesus Christ. I mean Jimmy Carter. Where is the Barrack Obama that we elected. Was he just full of hope or hot air. Was he for change or a little smoke and mirrors. This has been the summer of smoke and mirrors by the Republicans. A long hot summer of lies and liars. Of Myth makers and fantasy dreams. A summer filled unprecedented racism.  These are the times that try men souls,  And in the end, we will see that we are really made of.  As Hitler become the superstar of the Right and racism smolders  just under the surface America.  We will  have a good look at what we are.   We have had a long hot summer of  Republican thugs that have brought the American system of self governing to a halt.  Truly like the Brown shirts of Germany they have stop America in its tracks.  The Republican fascists have for a relatively small amount of money closed the doors on freedom of choice.  Like Timothy McVey they hate America! They hate they have to treat all races the same.  This is the beginning of something that America will perhaps live to regret.  As both Houses of Congress have sold us all down the river by sending jobs overseas.  They been bought by bourgeoisie.  Corporate Fascism is what we have today. Corporations own us at their whim.  They charge what they want for their goods. Oil and gas, insurance, utilities . The Banks have no controls. We are at their mercy.  We are not governed by  elected officials but by Corporations that have bought ours elected officials for their compliance.  This is not capitalism it is being governed by Corporations. This is not a free country.  All those who want their real America back. Sorry that fantasy is long gone besides which America do you really want for real.


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